MagicAir work with clients all over the world. We have the most experienced aerial operators and this ensure only high quality images for your project.


Magic Air's services will help you streamline and simplify your production. Our services include: helicopters, equipment, crew, location – just about anything you need for your aerial mission to succeed.

Magic Air is the only full time aerial crew in Norway. Our employees are dedicated aerial specialists – their job is their passion. This is a business that require a lot of experience and knowledge due to the extent of rules and regulations in aviation. We are, of course, licensed and have all required paperwork in order.
Magic Air has provided aerial film services since 1995. During these 20 years we have used all kinds of gyro stabilized rigs. Our missions take us all over Norway, including Svalbard, as well as abroad. Each year we spend about 400 hours in the air.


MTV (Music Television) has once again asked us to participate in their reality show The Challenge. Last year they took us to Panama City where we filmed the urban challenge, in to the rainforest and then back to beautiful Norway and Sunnmore. This year we are going abroad again, and we are looking forward to seeing this season's locations and meeting up with our new friends.

Creuna got the Facebook Awards 2015 for the project "Fly with Us". Magic Air's role in this project was setting up the route, coordinate the helicopter and its crew for 19 days, operating the Cineflex and running the logistics.

The TV shows gathered 4.7 million viewers, averaging a 25 % share of audience. The web page attracted close to 1 million users, each spending an average of 25 minutes following the route. The Facebook page grew rapidly and ended on 22 000 fans, potentially reaching over 2,5 million unique users with related content during 3 weeks. There was no traditional media budget, but earned media generated an estimated value of over NOK 50 million (USD 10 million). Brand reputation improved by 34 points, the 3rd highest increase among Norwegian brands in 2014. We ask the jury to please take Norway's population of 5 million into consideration. (Source: Retriever, TV2, Ipsos 2014, Facebook).

In January to March 2015 Magic Air participated in a 9 week long IMAX shoot in Sweden for Dubai Film and Tom Lowe. We used only the best technology available to create spectacular shots and are looking forward the seeing the final result.

Magic Air and Discovery Networks Norway/TVNorge has signed an aerial contract to deliver aerials for all of their TV-Shows. This contract is highly important to Magic Air, and their productions take us all over Norway. We are very proud to serve this fine network.

“A successful mission is a well organised mission with our client's requirements in focus."
Leif Johan Holand,
Aerial Manager, Magic Air

What we do:

  • Aerial filming with large gyros
  • Aerial filming with small gyros
  • Aerial drone - Close Range Aerial Film
  • Aerial 360 stills commission
  • Aerial stills commission
  • Aerial stock footage
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