Aerial film work

Aerial film work

We specialise in helicopter filming using gyro stabilised camera systems. We take care of the organisation and coordination of your mission and believe that by doing this, we ensure the best possible quality and result for you as our client.

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+ 47 934 90 912

Large Gyros:
Shotover F1 - RED Weapon/Dragon/Epic & ARRI Mini
GSS 520 - RED Weapon/Dragon/Epic & ARRI Mini
Cineflex V14 - Sony HDC 2500

Helicopter mounts:
AirFilm AF200
AirFilm Singelpole Mount
Down Post Camera Mount

Airbus AS350 B2/B3
Airbus EC135 Twin-Engine

Hasselblad 30-50Mp

10 x Hasselblad 50Mp aerial addition (360 plates)

Ladybug 5

External recorders/Monitor
PIX 240i
Atomos Shogun 4K
Sony 17" OLED